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Corporate Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness Programs That Work!

The Wellness Education Foundation’s wellness & prevention programs assist employers of all sizes in reducing insurance costs through a healthier workforce with little or no investment by the organization.

The WEF’s behavioral & lifestyle wellness programs include the five essential elements necessary for a quantifiable impact on reducing risks: assessment, intervention, education, access and reporting. Additionally, the WEF concentrates on the entire person by including complimentary, face-to-face health coaching services and monthly on-site health presentations via its national network of Certified Health Coaches to address behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Why Implement a Wellness Program?

  • Adults with multiple risk factors are expensive employees in terms of insurance utilization, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, etc. In fact, they consume 42% more resources than those without. Thus, your clients have a vested interest in reducing those risk factors to improve their profitability.
  • Approximately 50% of the workforce experiences a problem known to reduce productivity that often can be successfully addressed through an effective wellness program.
  • On average, over 50% of each employer’s employees will have three or more risk factors—categorizing them as high risk.
  • According to the US Government Guidelines (Healthy People 2010), 75% of employers should implement a comprehensive wellness program.
  • The program was developed with proven principles of changing behavior. We can assist you in reducing claims costs, increasing productivity, and reducing absenteeism.
  • Employees will appreciate the new benefit offering that is both visible and well accepted. Furthermore, the WEF’s wellness program will touch and positively impact spouses and dependents as well.
  • The WEF’s Program offers a high value, low cost proposition to incorporate a comprehensive wellness program including all five essential elements for effectiveness—assessment, intervention, education, access, and incentivization.
  • Upon renewal, employers can build the cost of the program into the employees’ share of benefits resulting in a healthier workforce while not requiring any investment from the employer.
  • By using the WEF Program, we’ll have the data and utilization reports to negotiate with the underwriter at renewal for a discounted premium.
  • With a guaranteed ROI, it costs more to not have the WEF program than to implement.
  • The Program is not painful for your clients to implement. In fact, we take responsibility for getting their employees involved!

Expected Results

  • A reduction in the number of risk factors for employee and dependent population.
  • Increased morale by offering a very visible new benefit that shows that your clients care about their employees.
  • Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved profitability.
  • Expected ROI of $4 or more for every $1 invested. ROI Guarantee is available.
  • ROI Guarantee is available.


The WEF’s Wellness Program and associated services are available nationally—in all 50 states.

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Why Unique?

While other wellness programs exist, the WEF’s Wellness Program is unique from its competition for a number of reasons:
  • Use of local Certified Health Coaches
  • Less expensive
  • Bio-Metric Screenings
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Health Screenings
  • Health Risk Reviews
  • Health Coaching
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • EBSCO Publishing's Health Library
  • Web-based Tools
  • Health Challenges
  • Health Presentations
  • Health & Wellness Newsletters
  • Incentives, prizes, raffles, and contests
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • State-of-the-art
  • Applicable to employers of any size
  • Applicable to employers of any industry
  • ROI Guarantee available

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