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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief from Our Integrated Practice in Oxford, AL

Here at the American Back Institute, we believe in giving people another choice. Our goal is to help people return to health, avoids illness, prolong their lives and remain in peak physical comfort whenever possible. To accomplish this goal we use chiropractic methods as well as physical therapy to better assist our patients. If you’ve been living in pain it’s time to get the help you need.

Man with neck pain in Oxford, AL.

Why See a Chiropractor in Oxford for Neck Pain?

Should you be looking for a chiropractor or physical therapist to help address ongoing or acute neck pain? It’s a good question, especially given the range of other medical options you have in today’s world. We proudly offer both chiropractic care and physical therapy to best suit your needs. A great benefit of using chiropractic care and physical therapy for pain relief and to help recover from injuries is it is non-invasive and reduces the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

Alternative and holistic approaches care do more than eliminating the problem in the moment. We use chiropractic care to heal and strengthen your body to help avoid future issues. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Oxford for neck pain, look no further.

Your Physical Therapist Explains Neck Pain in Oxford

Neck pain in Oxford may be a result of any of a number of factors, from sitting in the same position all the time to sleeping wrong to an accident at work or in the car. No matter why your neck hurts, however, the cause is likely torn muscles or ligaments, or telescoped vertebrae, which cause compression of the discs between bones.

The resulting inflammation and injury are what usually causes neck pain in Oxford, or anywhere else, for that matter. We can help you respond to the issue with a customized wellness program to help you find effective and long-lasting relief.

A Long-Lasting Recipe for Neck Pain Relief

If you’re looking for neck pain relief that won’t disappear after a few days or weeks, you need to put a long-lasting plan in place. The exact tools we select will depend on your exact condition, but it may involve manual adjustment, acupuncture, massage, spinal decompression, physical therapy and more. Whatever approach to neck pain relief we choose, we guarantee we will attempt to find the right solution, and keep looking until we do.

How to Find Neck Pain Relief in Oxford

If you’re looking for neck pain relief in Oxford, you need a qualified doctor who is:

  • Experienced in chiropractic care
  • Experienced in physical therapy
  • Has been established in your area for a while
  • Has seen your condition before, and
  • Can help customize a tailor-made plan to address your health.

Don’t wait any longer for neck pain relief in Oxford; get in touch with us today.

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Our Oxford chiropractor would be happy to help you get relief from pain and return to your old way of life. Simply contact us at 256-237-9423 and we will set you up with an appointment with our integrated practice as soon as we can. We look forward to serving you.

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